The start of a new semester, the start of a blog

I suppose I should say welcome, to you, whoever you might who are reading this,that is how most first posts of blogs often start is it not? So welcome! I’m Idun, I’m from Norway and I got red hair these days. Who are you, where are you from and how are you doing today?

I have lived and studied in Scotland at the University of Stirling for the past semester, and I came back to Stirling only a few weeks ago. I’m here for a year on exchange, so this will be my last semester before I go back to Norway to finish my degree. I thought about starting a blog several times last semester, like several of my friends here have done for their semesters or years abroad, but somehow I never got around to doing it. I have now, and I hope it will be one I can continue writing, both for myself as memories for later in life, and perhaps for you who might find this interesting, whether you actually know me in person or not. I hope you will find it interesting.

I’m quite fond of reading other people’s blogs myself, and I have over a hundred blogs on my list of blogs I follow, some more active than others. I believe some of them are relatively dead by now, but I prefer not to delete them as I’d like to know if they ever start posting again (I hope they do). And yes, I do actually read every new post of these blogs I follow. With the exceptions of “picture of the week” style posts, as I just don’t find them interesting.  My goal for this blog is simply to make it interesting enough that I would want to read it if it was written by someone else. I hope I will succeed.

And again, welcome to you and feel free to tell me something about yourself!


5 responses to “The start of a new semester, the start of a blog

  1. Welcome back to Scotland Idun! Which part of Norway are you from? I live in Perthshire in Scotland, just over an hour’s drive north of Stirling, and have been to Norway quite a bit with work. It’s a very beautiful country and I love all the little coloured wooden houses dotted around the coast.

    • Thank you! I’m from the south coast of Norway, not very far from Kristiansand. So I’ve actually grown up in one of those coloured wooden houses along the coast. Which parts of Norway have you been to?

  2. Kristiansand is beautiful, I spent a wonderful sunny week there doing a training course in boat handling. I work in the offshore oil industry, which is mainly what’s taken me to Norway, and I’ve been to various places including Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Bodø and Hammerfest. I’ve been lucky enough to sail up and down the west coast too and look at all the spectacular fjords. It really is an amazing country.

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