Sunburns in March!

This doesn't count as clouds, not in Scotland

Scotland is known for being cold, cloudy, windy and rainy,  which in many cases is true. Even in the summer the average temperature is 15-16 degrees (Celsius to be specific), which is pretty cold for summer. However, last week, in March, it was no rain, and barely any clouds for well over a week. Now, that does happen sometimes, but this time it was actually warm. Warm enough for people to get sunburns. In Scotland. In MARCH. Actual sunburns. It was 18-20 degrees here for most of that time, if not more, as it felt even warmer in the sun. It was similar weather and temperature in other parts of northern Europe during the same time, but still, this is Scotland, and it rarely gets that warm here even in July!

I also went to take pretty pictures outside, like this one of the reflection in the river

Of course, I was mostly stuck inside avoiding  working on assignments I had conveniently forgotten about until it was getting very close to the deadlines. Bad timing there.

Then the weather went back to being normal, volatile Scottish weather, with rain, clouds and cold temperatures. Yesterday it even snowed and hailed here, and the hills in the distance are capped by snow. I’d like to think this weather won’t last long either, but I don’t really believe it.


Anyone else enjoyed the unexpected, nice weather in the end of March?


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