Stirling: Wallace Monument

Wallace Monument

If you’ve seen Braveheart, you should recognize the name William Wallace, the guy who fought against the English for the freedom of the Scots. Now, the movie is far, far from historically correct, but Wallace actually lived in Scotland and he did fight against the English at the end of the 13th century, and the battle he is most famous for took place here in Stirling. The battle of Stirling bridge, where Wallace and the Scots won against the English. Because of his relatively successful fighting against the English, Wallace became one of the Scottish heroes, and thus it was decided to build a monument in his honour around 140 years ago. It was long debated where to build this great monument, and it was eventually decided to build it in Stirling, on a hill not far from where he won his great victory seven centuries ago.

The monument does look pretty cool, and it can be seen from really far away, as much of the land around is very flat. I personally use it as a landmark when I’m on the train sometimes to see when it’s time to get off.  Mostly if I’m on the train alone and is bored.

View towards river Forth and Stirling from the top of the Wallace Monument

I’ve only been inside and on the top of the actual monument once, but I’ve been on the hill where the monument stands 4-5 times so far, as it’s a nice (if steep) walk, and it’s pretty nice view from there as well, particularly when it’s nice weather.

I’d say the monument is worth a visit, even though it’s perhaps a little more expensive than it should be, as there isn’t enough interesting things in the tower to justify 6-7 pounds in my opinion. There is a rather nice room, on the first “floor” where you get to learn the real story of William Wallace. It’s very interesting, but other than that the only other really interesting thing is the view from the top. But then, the view really, really is worth it. It’s absolutely beautiful from the top, and you can see so far. I think I would pay again, just to see the view from the top, even if it means climbing the 246 steps a second time.

Have you seen Braveheart or know about William Wallace from somewhere else?


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