Walking to the top of Dumyat Hill

Stirling lies in the borderlands between the highlands and the lowlands of Scotland, so even though the actual city is mainly flat (with the exception of the castle hill), there are several hills nearby. One of the tallest ones being Dumyat, even though it’s not actually that tall, being just over 400 meters high. It’s rather close to both the Wallace Monument and the University of Stirling. I walked to the top of it with a  friend when it was grey, rainy and I had a cold. Great idea I say.

Cairn at the Dumyat Hill summit, with Stirling and Wallace monument in the background

We started nearby the golf course at the university, and found a trail there which seemed to go in the right direction. It did, sort of, with some extra steep parts (yay), and we eventually found the “main” trail. The part after that was easier, although there were a few more really steep parts, as well as the wind getting stronger the higher we got. I needed a lot of breaks to catch my breath, but eventually we reached the top, and the wind was insane! It was so strong (and cold) I felt like it would almost blow me away, and I’m not exactly a tiny person. And after sitting on the least windy side of the cairn marking the top for about 10 minutes, eating some food, I could no longer feel my fingers. Needless to say, the decent was a lot quicker, it being downhill and all, and us being rather frozen. All in all, it took about 2-3 hours, although I’m sure it could be done a lot quicker by someone more fit and less ill.

Somewhere on the way to the top of the hill...and no trees at all

The walk is actually really nice,  even with the really steep parts, and the view just gets better and better the higher up you get. When you reach the top, it’s fantastic, both towards Stirling and the surrounding area, but also the other way, with (seemingly) endless hills in the distance. When we went there, some of them were capped with snow, and it reminded me of mountains in Norway. Although in Norway there would be trees a lot higher up. Most of Dumyat, excepting the very beginning, has no trees, just grass and other small plants. And rabbits, there’s always rabbits.

Have you been on a hill or mountain? Did you enjoy it? 


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