No more Scotland

So I’m not in Scotland anymore, it’s actually been 25 days since I came home. Of course, I only spent a bit more than half of those days in Norway, as I took off to Spain the 9th of June and stayed there for 10 days. That  is  why I haven’t written anything here in a while, as well as because I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue writing now that I’m not in Scotland anymore. I think I will, as I quite like writing and I have quite a lot of experiences form Scotland I want to write about. I just have to think of a new name for my blog. Because even though very few people (if any?) read what I write, I still have my pride and I want a fitting name. I also want to write about Spain and later about Hawaii when I go there later this summer. I could of course just keep a personal diary, but I’d like to share it, just in case anyone happens to be interested. I’ll probably be writing about travely stuff, going places and things like that, as I find that a lot more interesting than my daily life..but there’ll probably be the odd post about other things. Like books, books are awesome. Or so the plan is now anyway, it might change completely.

I miss Scotland, or to be specific, I miss the people there. I got used to living with some of my best friends, and having a bunch of other really good friends next door. It’s a large contrast to being here, where there are only 3 friends I still have contact with who live here, and during 15-16 days I’ve been home, 2 of them have been here for a whole of 3 days. Lonely? Not at all.

The last I “saw” of Scotland from the plane…clouds of course, as it rained that day (as usual)

On the positive side I got to see one of my friends from Scotland when I was in Spain last week, which was absolutely awesome! Skype calls also help, as well as facebook messages and such, but I still miss them a lot. Luckily I will see another friend in Hawaii and a French friend will come visit me in August, I’m really looking forward to both. But I still just want us all to go back to Scotland (or wherever really) for another year, not just my close friends, but also those who were a part of our extended friend group. I think I suffer from post-study-abroad-depression. I’m probably not the only one.

I miss you guys ♥


2 responses to “No more Scotland

  1. I really hope you keep writing, because I want to read about your travel adventures – to Spain, Hawaii, round Norway or anywhere else! You write well and it would be nice to have a wider audience. I know that travel blogs are amongst the most popular of all, so that’s a great idea, to write about wherever you go. Also, just a little idea, if you put in more tags and categories, your blog will show up more when people search WordPress. For example, you could add ‘Travel’, ‘Spain’, ‘Scotland’, ‘Norway’ and ‘Writing’ as categories for this post, and loads of tags including Skype, studying, friends, diary, etc. I hope you don’t mind me making these suggestions, but I know from my own experience that people sometimes find you completely by accident just by searching for one of your categories or tags. What are you going to do now that you’re back in Norway?

    • Thank you! That’s the plan at the moment, but it’s just really nice to see that someone actually reads this 🙂 I don’t mind you making suggestions at all, I’ve never really tried hard to or paid attention to how to get more readers, so thank you for the advice! I still got one year left of my degree, so I’m going back to Kristiansand (if you know where that is), to do the last year. I’m actually kinda looking forward to starting classes, which I usually don’t, but I guess that just means I chose the right thing to study.

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