I originally started this blog when I was in the middle of my year of studying abroad in Scotland, because it’s a thing you do when you are out studying like that. I did however find I quite like writing things, so I decided to continue writing after my year in Scotland was done. Partly because there is so many things I experienced in Scotland I haven’t gotten around to writing about and because I have been and will be continuing to travel (or possibly live for a longer amount of time) around the world whenever I can.

I am, by the way, a Norwegian girl who is currently doing a degree in translation, because I’m strange like that and didn’t choose a more “normal” thing to study. I did my second year in Scotland, and now I’m back in Norway to do my third and last year, after a summer of traveling and new experiences.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, like a question of any kind or just for a random conversation (I’m good at those) you’re more than welcome to send me a mail at iduntj@gmail.com

Or if you’d rather help alleviate poverty in the world, go to Kiva and make a $25 loan to the person of your choice, that’d be great too.


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